AS 85

The Agrispread range of the spreaders are capable of spreading a wide range of materials including lime, fertilizer, fibrophos, sand, salt and poultry waste. Hydraulic control of the spinners and drop point adjustment ensure accurate spreading up to 36 metres depending on the type of material. A range of models are available from 3 to 15 cubic metres depending of the requirements of the customer. All Agrispread lime and fertiliser spreaders come complete with user-friendly test kits, allowing continuous testing of spread patterns, thus ensuring an even spread and ultimately a more cost-effective one. . The spreaders boast a number of unique features which ensure the accuracy of the machine will not be matched or beaten in the field. Full computerised, GPS and variable rate spreading kits are available as an option.


  • LED Lights
  • Tachometer to display spinner speed on both spinners
  • Hydraulic drive spinners
  • Standard disks for Lime and Fertilizer (Wide spread disks from 18 – 36m optional)
  • Cleated Belt (Slick Belt available)
  • Spinner Speed control valve for complete spinner speed control
  • Stainless Spreading Deck
  • Roll over Cover
  • Inspection Window
  • 3 speed Land drive gearbox (controls rate proportional to forward speed)
  • Inspection Ladder
  • Mesh grids
  • Swivel Hitch (AS85, AS100, AS120, AS130-T/AS150-T)
  • Manual Headland Control
  • Pedestrian guard.


  • Air brakes or Air hydraulic Brakes
  • Computerised rate control Application. (see computer section of site)
  • Commercial axle. (Standard on AS85 and up)
  • Demountable crane.
  • In cab headland control.
  • Load cells.
  • Salt discs for road use.
  • Stainless steel hopper.
  • Sprung draw bar. (standard on AS55 and up)
  • Independent hydraulic system for tractors with a low oil output.
  • Customised Ramp fill body options (see gallery under AS55)